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ZEUS PROTECTION is owner-managed by Zeus Zakhele Thambe. Zakhele resides in South Africa, but provides VIP PROTECTION INTERNATIONALLY.

Specialising in Bodyguard Protection Services, Courts Escorts, Executive VIP Protection Services, celebrity protections services, event security, clubs and airport transfers. Zakhele and his team are all highly skilled, qualified individuals with years of experience in the security industry.

We are a SME company who believes security is about prevention first. We will ensure you are secure, happy and well looked after at any event.

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  • To conduct each and every phase of every service in a fair and impartial manner.

  • To conduct each investigation in a manner which will secure the maximum amount of information, with a minimum of time and expense, and in a professional manner.

  • To conduct each and every service in accordance with the law.

  • To remember our responsibilities to be fair not only to the client but also to every subject, witness, person, or entity we offer our services to.

  • To be conscious of the individual privacy rights of each subject and client and to conduct our services in balance with those rights.

  • To understand the confidential nature of the work we perform and never to disclose any information to any unauthorised party.

  • To understand that our actions are a reflection on our client and to make sure our actions reflect professionally on the client.

  • To refuse to offer any service which would interfere or subvert any legitimate law enforcement activity and to cooperate with law enforcement agencies as required.

  • To prepare accurate and unbiased reports in a prompt manner.
    To work not for reward or bounty, but to charge a fee based upon an honest effort rather than upon a favourable result.
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